To get started, access the Campaigns section in your account and click on the Create new campaign button. 

Click on the Start button next to the Regular email NPS campaign type.

Select a survey template

The first step is to choose the survey template you will be sending to your customers. You can select an existing email template, or create a new one and customize it. 

Make sure to upload your company's logo to the survey template, otherwise you will not be able to include it in your campaign.

Once you've decided which template you want to go with, click on the Select button next to that template and hit Next to continue to the second step.

Filter your audience

On the Audience tab you can choose what segment of customers enters your campaign by assigning one or more customers tags. Only the customers that have the assigned tags will be eligible for your campaign.

If you want to survey all your customer base, just leave the tags field blank.

You can also click on the Import customers button and you will be redirected to a page where you can choose to upload a CSV file with customers or import them from one of our native integrations.

Once you have filtered your audience, hit Next.

Edit survey schedule

Email NPS surveys will be sent automatically based on your schedule. Choose whether you want your customers to receive the survey on business days only or on any weekday. Set a starting hour for your surveys.

Next, set a schedule when new customers will be automatically sent a survey and set recurring surveys regularity. You can disable the recurring surveys option at all.

Another handy feature is the daily surveys limit which gives you the possibility to split your customers list and send s limited amount of surveys daily, giving you enough time to engage with your respondents.

Optionally, you can set to resend your NPS survey to customers that did not open the last survey or those that opened but did not respond. You can choose the same survey template, or select a different one.

After you've set your survey schedule, click Next.

Set up custom notifications

On the Notifications tab you can create custom notifications and keep track of your NPS progress.

When creating a new notification you will be asked to choose one or more event types you want to be notified about, notifications frequency (immediately, daily or weekly digest), and the notifications channel (email or Slack channel).

Don't forget to save your notifications and make sure they are enabled. Once you've done that, press the Next button.

Create custom scenarios with workflows

Workflows allow you to create multiple custom automated scenarios based on the "if an event happens, then perform action" logic.

Click on the Create new workflow button, then choose an event and an action to be executed.

A few common and highly useful scenarios are:

1. Automatically start a conversation with a Detractor that did not leave text feedback.
"Event: No text feedback > Detractor
Action: Start conversation"

2. Delete hard bounced customers and clear your list.
"Event: Survey bounced > Hard
Action: Customer delete"

3. Export NPS data to Salesforce or other supported platforms.
"Event: New response > Any
Action: Export to Salesforce"

Don't forget to save each workflow and make sure they're enabled. Once you've finished, click on the Finish button. 

You will be redirected to your campaigns list. 

Enable your email campaign

The final step is to enable the new campaign by switching the toggle button ON, otherwise your surveys will not be sent to your customers.

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