You can access the Outbox page from your sidebar menu, or by clicking here.

By default, the page will display a list with all the surveys sent, having the most recent ones on the top. However, you can filter the data from the top menu bar by the following options:

  • Date range: Use the preset options or select a custom range;
  • Survey status: View only surveys that were sent, opened, scored, responded, unsubscribed from or bounced;
  • Customer tags: Filter the survey data by the tags that the customer had when the survey was sent;
  • Campaigns: See only surveys sent in a specific NPS campaign.

Each data row includes the following elements:

  • Customer's name or email address (if a name is not provided);
  • Customer tags: Displays the historical tags applied to the customer when the survey was sent. The customer may have a different set of tags at present;
  • Campaign: Includes the icon to indicate the type of the campaign followed by its name;
  • Sent method: Each survey will have one of the following stats:
    - Campaign
    , for surveys sent automatically in a campaign
    - Resend
    , for the reminder surveys sent out based on a campaign’s “Resend” rules;
    - Manual
    , for surveys sent manually;
    - Test
    , reporting surveys sent from the survey template editor’s test option;
    - Unknown
    , next to the surveys sent before Retently had implemented Outbox.
  • Survey stats: Includes three steps of an NPS survey journey - Sent, Opened, Scored/Responded. Hover your mouse over the status to view more details on the exact time the survey was sent;
  • Sent date: Shows you when the survey was sent.

To view detailed data of a customer, you can click on their name and access the customer's profile. Learn more.

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