We're still working on the Salesforce integration with Retently and it should be launched anytime soon.

For now, please follow this step-by-step tutorial to learn how to manually import customers from Salesforce to your Retently account:

1. Log in to your Salesforce.com account, then click the Reports tab in the top navigation menu.

2. Click the Create New Custom Report button to open the Report Wizard.

3. Click the Account Type drop-down box, and then click the contacts to export. For example, click Accounts & Contacts to export all contact data for accounts. Click Leads to export contact information for leads.

4. Click the Tabular Report radio button, if not selected by default, then Next. The Report Columns form opens.

5. Click the check box next to each column to include in the export, and then click Next. Optionally, check the check box next to each summary data type to include, if any, then click Next. The Reorder Columns screen opens.

6. Click the variable in the box to move, and then click the Up or Down directional arrow. Repeat to organize report variables as you want them to appear in the export. Click Next. The Report Criteria screen opens.

7. Click in the Date field, and then type a date that will capture all of the contacts you have saved in your contacts list. For example, enter your employment start date.

8. Click Export Report. The export report is created and displayed when the screen refreshes. Click the Export Details option to open the Export Report Details screen.

9. Click the Export File Format drop-down box, and then click the .CSV format.

10. Click the Export button, then the Save File option to save the exported file to your hard drive.

11. Log in to your Retently account.

12. Access Customers category.

13. Click on the small arrow icon next to the +Add customer button.

14. Choose the Import from .CSV option from the drop-down menu.

15. Click on the "Drag and drop your CSV file here or click to upload" area.

16. Find the needed .CSV file in your computer and hit Choose button.

17. After your file has been uploaded successfully, choose a name for all the columns that were imported (ex: First/Last name, email etc.).

18. Finally click on the Add button.

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