To connect the Microsoft Dynamics integration, please access the Integrations page and click on the Dynamics icon.

You will be asked to include your Dynamics credentials: 

  • Your Dynamics domain

  • Username

  • Password

Important: Retently does not store Dynamics credentials. You are using them to connect directly to the CRM.

After the integration was enabled (it might take up to 20 seconds until your accounts are connected), you will see a list with all your contacts. Click on the Sync now button to import all your existing customers and, optionally, enable the autosync option to get new contacts automatically added to your Retently account, or to update existing customers if they were edited in Dynamics.

Import contacts with tags

The Microsoft Dynamics integration imports customers with following data:

  • First and last name

  • Email address (which is the unique customer ID)

  • Company name

  • Tags

Tags are highly efficient if you want to segment your contacts list and run segmented NPS campaigns. 

But to be able to import contacts with tags you'll have to set them up in your Dynamics account.

Follow this short tutorial to learn how to create tag field in Dynamics:

1. Add contact tags field

Navigate to Service > Contacts area.

Next, select the Form option.

Click on New field to create a new field in your account.

Fill in mandatory fields:

  • Display Name: Contact Tags

  • Name: Contact Tags

  • Description: Contact tags. Write each tag from new line.

  • Data Type: Multiple Lines of Text

  • Maximum Length: 1000

Click on Save and Close button.

Next, in the right sidebar (Field Explorer), switch Filter to Custom Fields mode.

Now drag and drop Contact Tags block to your form, click on Save button and finally click on Publish button.

Now you can assign tags to your contacts in Contact Tags field.

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