Manage your existing campaigns or create new ones on the Campaigns page. If you haven’t created any campaigns yet, you will be asked to once you access the page. Otherwise, click on the Create new campaign button, select the Metrics, survey channel and campaign type. Create a Regular email NPS campaign to continue.

Assign a survey template

Start with choosing the survey template that your customers, who match this campaign, will receive in their Inbox. You can select an existing email template, or create and customize a new one. 

Make sure the survey template has your company’s logo, otherwise you will not be able to select and use it. Click here to learn more about survey templates.

When everything looks ok, hit the Assign button to add it as the main survey template in your campaign.

Filter your audience

In the Audience section, you will have to decide which customers will match this campaign and be surveyed based on the schedule that you will configure next.

By default, the campaign will target all your existing customers and the new ones that will be added to your account.

Feel free to adjust the default filter rule, and create up to four additional ones to match a specific customer segment.

When adjusting an audience filter you will have to select a custom property, a condition and include a value.

For instance, you can target only customers that are from the US by adding the following rule:

[Country] -> [contains] -> [US]

Or let’s assume that your product is sold based on a subscription model, and you have applied the subscription names as customer tags. You will be able to select only customers that are currently using your product in the free trial by adding this rule:

[Tag] -> [is] -> [free trial]

And you can combine these rules to narrow down the audience. Click here to learn more about the audience segmentation in campaigns.

Edit survey schedule

Email NPS surveys will be sent automatically based on your schedule. In this section you have four categories with settings:

  • Survey schedule: Specify when the first survey will be sent and the interval of days between the recurring surveys. 

  • Survey time frame: Choose the days of the week and the time slot when the surveys will be sent to customers.

  • Daily survey limit in campaign: Limit the total number of surveys sent in one day, per campaign. The surveys that exceed the limit, will be queued and sent the next day.

Set up email survey reminders

You can set up email survey reminders for customers that did not open or respond to your survey. You can use another survey template with a different subject line and styling to increase your response rate.

Set up custom notifications

In the Notifications section, you can create custom notifications and keep track of your NPS progress.

When creating a new notification you will be asked to choose one or more event types you want to be notified about, notifications frequency (immediately, daily or weekly digest), and the notifications channel (email or Slack channel).

Don't forget to press the Create notification button to save your notifications and make sure they are enabled. Once you've done that, press the Next button.

Set up autoresponders

You can set up automated email autoresponders for customers that did not leave any text feedback or ask Promoters to leave reviews on specific websites.

Set up Webhooks

Webhooks allow you to send HTTP requests to the other web applications every time an event is triggered, be it new feedback, a bounced survey or an unsubscribed customer. Don't forget to save each created webhook and make sure they're enabled.

Activate your regular email campaign

The final step is to enable the new campaign by switching the toggle button ON otherwise, your surveys will not be sent to your customers.

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