Watch our video tutorial on how to configure a regular and a transactional in-app campaign:

Setting up a Transactional in-app NPS campaign is highly similar to creating a regular in-app campaign, but with a couple of adjustments.

Here's a quick step-by-step guide to get you started:

1. Access the Campaigns page and click on the Create new campaign button.

2. Next, choose "Transactional in-app NPS campaign (web)" as the campaign type.

3. Select an in-app template that will be displayed to customers that enter this campaign.

4. Filter you audience with customers tags. If you choose one or more tags, then only customers that have those tags assigned in your web application will see the survey. You can leave the tags field empty if you want to survey all your customers.

5. Transactional in-app NPS campaigns do not have a recurring schedule to be configured, since the surveys will be sent immediately after a specific actions/events your customers will trigger. You will have to track these actions or events in your web application and automatically execute the in-app script after a customer transaction. You can find the script in the Setup section of the campaign builder (more details below).

6. Make sure to create notifications so you can track your NPS feedback. If needed, create custom workflows.

7. Finally, on the Setup tab, you will find two scripts for this campaign: define customer script and survey embed script. 

You will have to install these scripts in your web application and call (execute) them automatically every time the customer performs a specific action.

Enable the transactional in-app campaign

Finally, click on the Save campaign button and you will be redirected to your campaigns list. Make sure to enable the new transactional in-app campaign by switching the toggle button ON, otherwise your survey will not be triggered in your customers' account.

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