Login to your Azure Active Directory account.

From the left sidebar menu select App Registrations.

Click on New application registration.

Fill in mandatory fields:

Name: Retently API
Application Type: Native
Redirect URI: https://app.retently.com/integrations/dynamics/callback

Click on the Create button below.

Click on the Retently API application.

Copy you Application ID (you will need it to connect Dynamics in Retently).

From API ACCESS section, click on Required permissions and click on Add button.

Click on Select an API.

Choose Dynamics CRM Online from the list and click the Select button.

Choose Access CRM Online as organization users and click on the Select button.

Click on Done.


Click on Grant Permissions.

Choose Yes.

Retently Microsoft Dynamics Integration

Log in to your Retently account, access the Native Integrations page and click on the Microsoft Dynamics integration.

Fill in mandatory fields:

  • Azure Active Directory Application ID

  • Microsoft Dynamics domain (Example: acme.crm.dynamics.com)

  • Username

  • Password

Click Next.

Now you can sync your contacts.

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