The Response Tag Analysis report helps you get even more actionable insights from the feedback you’re receiving.

In Retently you can apply response tags manually, or automatically using Zapier.

You will be able to see what are the most used response tags and their distribution over Promoters/Passives/Detractors. This information will help you identify certain customer satisfaction patterns, such as what Promoters are mostly delighted about, or what’s keeping Detractors unsatisfied. Another great take from the Tag Analysis report is that it will help you adjust your product roadmap based on your customers’ feedback.

Find the Response Tag Analysis on your Dashboard. The report will list all tags that have been applied. They are ordered descending by their frequency amongst responses, therefore, the most frequent tag will be on the top.

Next to each tag, you have a counter bar, displaying the total number of Promoters (green), Passives (yellow) and Detractors (red) responses which have the tag applied. 

You can easily filter out a customer category by clicking on the Promoters, Passives or Detractors buttons from the top of the Response Tag Analysis block. 

The tag report is also directly connected to the Dashboard filters, and the changes you apply there will be reflected in the report as well.

For instance, you can view only response tags given by a certain segment of customers in a specific NPS campaign.

To do so, click on the Dashboard filters icon at the top of the NPS general info block. From the drop-down menu, select the campaign name, and choose one or more customer tags. As soon as the filters are applied, your Dashboard will adjust automatically. Scroll down to the Response Tag Analysis report and view the filtered data.

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