What Retently's native Intercom integration does:

  • Gives you the possibility to import all your Intercom contacts, with all their tags, to Retently.

  • Allows you to turn on the auto-sync option so that new Intercom contacts are automatically added to Retently.

  • Automatically pushes NPS data (scores and text feedback) to Intercom and attaches is to customers. Therefore you will be able to filter your customers in Intercom by laters NPS score and preview their latest text feedback.

Follow the short step-by-step tutorial below to learn how to connect your Intercom account in a few steps.

Important: Our native integration follows Intercom's guidelines and allows you to connect your account without requiring API keys (which are deprecated).


1. Go to the Integrations page, under your Settings menu.

2. Click on the Intercom integration box.

3. Next, you will be redirected to Intercom and will be asked to log in to your account.

4. Once you've successfully logged in, you will access a confirmation page thank will ask you to connect your Retently and Intercom accounts. 

5. After you've connected Intercom, you will be redirected back to Retently and will see a list with Intercom contacts. To import them, click on the Sync now button. 

6. Once the importing process is finished you'll be able to see how many customers were added to Retently, how many of them were duplicate (and were not imported), and how many of them failed to import. You can also switch on the auto-sync button to have your new customers automatically imported to Retently.


Once you activate the Intercom integration, another process will be automatically triggered. Whenever you receive a new response from a customer, the integration will check your Intercom account, will find that customer and will assign him the score and text feedback (if there is any available).

To customer scores and feedback in Intercom, simply go a customer profile and in the Activity panel you should see two new triggered events. 

The first event is for the score only, because our system records a score immediately once a customer chose it in the survey, even if they did not click on the Submit button yet. 

The second event includes the score and text feedback. This is the final response from a customer, after he's clicked on the Submit button in the survey.

But you can also preview this data on your People page in Intercom. All you have to do is enable the Score and Survey Comment columns. Also you can click on a score to filter all your contacts by that specific segment.


Our integration also imports your Intercom tags, which allows you to survey your customers by segments and filter NPS data on your Dashboard by tags. 

The tags feature will also come in handy if you've already surveyed some of your customers and you don't want to over-survey them again with Retently. 

All you have to do is make sure your customers are tagged in Intercom based on their status: "surveyed" and "not surveyed" (for example). And when they're imported in Retently, filter your customer list by the "not surveyed" tag, select them and hit the Send Survey button. 

If your auto-surveying option is enabled, then Retently will take care of the rest of your customers and will automatically survey them in 90 days.

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