We're still working on the SendGrid integration with Retently and it should be launched anytime soon.

For now, please follow this step-by-step tutorial to learn how to manually import customers from SendGrid to your Retently account:

1. Log in to your SendGrid account.

2. Access the main Contacts page.

3. Click on the gear icon on the right side of your list title and choose Export. This will trigger SendGrid to send an email to the primary email address on the account that includes a link to download the CSV of all the contacts in the list and their associated custom field values.

4. Log in to your Retently account.

5. Access Customers category.

6. Click on the small arrow icon next to the +Add customer button.

7. Choose the Import from .CSV option from the drop-down menu.

8. Click on the "Drag a CSV file here or click to browse and selecta a file to import" area.

9. Find the needed .CSV file in your computer and hit Choose button.

10. After your file has been uploaded successfully, choose a name for all the columns that were imported (ex: First/Last name, email etc.).

11. Finally click on the Add button.

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