In order to connect the native Salesforce integration in Retently, you will need to authorize our app in your Salesforce workspace.

All you have to do is to add our IP ranges to your network access section, letting your Salesforce account know that you are trusting our app and allow it to access your contacts’ data.

We will not store any data unless you decide to sync your contacts. You are also fully in charge of deciding what data will be sent to Retently and stored. You can read our Privacy Policy for more details on how we store and handle your data:

To authorize Retently, log in your Salesforce account and access the Setup section.

From the left sidebar, access Administer > Security Controls > Network access. Click on the New button to add new Trusted IP Ranges.

Fill in mandatory fields:

  • Start IP Address:

  • End IP Address:

  • Description: Retently integration

Finally, click on the Save button and review the Network Access settings.

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