About CX rating widgets

The main section in the Dashboard is the CX score widgets, where you will track your customer's experience for one or more survey metrics that you're measuring.

The Dashboard can display up to four CX score widgets, one for each metric available for your to measure with Retently: NPS, 5-Star, CSAT, CES.

Single and multiple rating widgets

In Retently, a survey campaign measures a particular CX metric: NPS, 5-Star, CSAT, or CES.

If you have one or more campaigns measuring the same metric, for instance, NPS then the Dashboard will display only one large NPS rating widget.

If you create one more campaign with a different metric, let's say 5-Stars, then the Dashboard will display a couple of smaller widgets, one for NPS, and another one for 5-Star.

Continuing this example, if you add a new campaign with the third metric, this will result in an additional rating widget.

And finally, if you're measuring all four CX metrics with your campaigns, then you will achieve four rating widgets on the Dashboard.

What data is displayed in a rating widget

A rating widget, by default, displays the overall score of a metric. This means that if you have multiple campaigns with the same metric, then the widget will show you a general score calculated based on the feedback that you have received in all these campaigns.

However, when needed, you can apply a Dashboard filter which will recalculate the data displayed in the rating widget. Learn more about Dashboard filters.

The structure of a rating widget

A widget includes the following elements:

  • The score of a particular metric;

  • The number of satisfied, neutral, or unsatisfied customers along with their percentage of the total of survey respondents.

  • The score calculation formula.


How to remove a rating widget?

You cannot remove rating widgets manually. They will disappear automatically if you delete the last survey campaign with a specific CX metric.

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