A company can have one primary and multiple alias domains. In this article, we will discuss the differences between them.

Primary domain

A primary domain is the main domain of the company and is the one displayed on the Companies page, as well as it's the default domain displayed on the company's profile page.

NOTE: A company can have only one primary domain.

The primary domain is generated when a new company is created automatically, or you will be asked to specify the primary domain when adding a new company manually. Learn about adding companies.

Alias domains

Aside of the primary domain, a company can have one or more alias domains (this is optional). These are domains that are directly related to the company, but none of them can be considered as the main domain.

For example, let's say that a company has multiple branches in different countries, and therefore has multiple domains, for example:

  • example.com

  • example.co.uk

  • example.nz

  • example.br

When adding a new company manually, you can specify "example.com" as the company's primary domain, and the other domains can be listed as aliases.

However, if your companies are identified automatically by Retently, then our system will consider each domain as a separate company. You can easily handle this by simply merging all these companies into a single one, and you will have to pick which domain is going to be the primary one, and the others will be added as aliases. Learn about merging companies.

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