Webhooks allow you to integrate with other services you may be using (CRMs or help desks) in order to import contacts to Retently and send them a transactional email survey.

Simply put, you can generate a webhook link in Retently and configure it in another service (supported by the webhook). Whenever the configured event will be triggered in the other service (e.g., ticket closed, case closed, contact updated) the event will be sent via the webhook link to Retently, and our system will perform a particular action defined by the webhook's scope (e.g., only import the contact or import the contact and send them a transactional email survey).

To get started, you will need to create a webhook that will fit your need. Webhooks can be created manually or automatically. Learn how to create a new webhook.

Once you have created the webhook, you can copy the webhook link either from your transactional email survey campaign:

Or you can copy the link from the Inbound Webhooks page:

IMPORTANT! Make sure to keep your webhook secure and do not share or publish it anywhere where someone else could find it, as the webhook gives you direct access to adding contacts to your account.

Finally, once you've copied the webhook link, you can configure it in your CRM or help desk. You can learn more about configuring Retently webhooks into supported services here:

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