For a successful import of your customers from a CSV file, please follow these recommendations while creating your file before uploading it to your Retently account:

1. It is mandatory to have at least 1 column with your customers's email addresses. Also make sure these addresses have a valid email structure (

2. It is highly recommended to include in the file 2 more columns, one for First Name and the second for Last Name; or at least one single column with First and Last Name altogether.

3. It is recommended to name your columns in the first row of your file. This will help our system automatically identify the right labels for your columns (ex: First Name, Last Name, Email, Company)

4. Make sure your CSV file includes valid email address of your customers.

5. It is highly recommended that your CSV file is encoded in UTF-8 characters encoding.

6. In a CSV file (Comma-separated values), the columns should be separated by comma "," or at least you should use the same separator for all the columns.

7. The CSV file must not exceed 5MB in size.

8. We highly advise you to export maximum 40,000 customers at a time in order to avoid system troubleshoots. If you have a file with more than 40k customers, then you can split them and add separately. Or you can send your CSV file at and we will upload it to your account.

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