Under GDPR we must give you the possibility to access, edit or delete your data for yourself, or assist you and satisfy your requirements if needed. 

Access and edit data

Some of your Personal Data is displayed on your Account Settings page. Here you will be able to see and edit your:

  • First name and last name

  • Company name

  • Phone number

  • Job title

To edit your email address, please get in touch with us at support@retently.com and we’ll handle this request. We will give you the possibility to do this directly in your Account Settings page soon.

You can also click on the Export button and have all your data (including your IP address) downloaded in a CSV file. 

Delete data

You can do so by deleting your account which will automatically remove all the data associated with your account.

Click on the Delete account button on the top-right corner of your Account Settings page. You will be asked to write your password and confirm the account removal.

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