First, you will have to connect your Slack and Retently account. On the Integrations page, click on the Connect button next to the Slack integration.

You will be asked to authorize Retently to send automated messages to your company's Slack account.

Once the integration is connected, the next step is to configure the notifications.

In Retently, notifications are part of NPS campaigns. Therefore, if you have set up a notification to send the latest responses to Slack, then only the responses you have received in this particular campaign will be sent.

Make sure you have a campaign created (or create your first campaign) and access the Notifications section.

Each campaign comes with a set of three default notifications. You can either adjust one of them or simply create a new one.

In the notification builder, you will have to choose the event type that you want to be notified about (ex. new Detractor score) and keep in mind that you can select multiple options.

Next, decide when you would like to receive them: immediately, or in a daily/weekly digest.

Finally, you will have to set up how Retently should send the notifications. Here you can select Slack and then click on the options menu to view a list with all your public or private Slack channels, as well as your colleagues’.

NOTE: If no list is displayed, then click on the gear icon to reload the Slack connection. The list should be available after that.

IMPORTANT: If survey feedback is no longer delivered to your Slack channel, please follow this step-by-step guide to reconnect the integration and resume notifications.

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