In Retently, you can assign tags to customers. These are basically keywords, that you can use later to filter your audience and survey data.

Salesforce does not provide a default "Tags" field for the contact object. Therefore, if you need to add any text data as customer tags in Retently, then you will need to create a custom "Tags" field in Salesforce, and store data in it, which will eventually be assigned as tags to your Retently customers when you will be importing them via a transactional Salesforce survey campaign, or by simply syncing your list with contacts from Salesforce to Retently.

In this tutorial, we will guide you in creating the custom "Tags" field in Salesforce.

In the Salesforce Setup area, access the Object Manager category.

From your list with objects, access Contact.

In the Contact category, go to the Fields & Relationships section and click the “New” button in order to create a new property (field).

Choose Text as your field type:

In the field editor make sure to include the following details:

  • Field label: Tags

  • Length: 100

  • Field name: Tags

Finally, hit Next and save your new field.

You will be able to choose this field when setting up the Salesforce event and choosing the properties that you want to send to Retently. The Field name will be displayed as: Tags__c. Any value that a contact will have in the Tags field will be added as customer tags in Retently.

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