When a list or segment has finished synchronizing, a tooltip will appear in the list's section with the details of the last sync.

In this article, we will cover what each element in the sync report means:

  • Synced: the total number of customers that have been imported or updated.

  • Removed: the number of customers that have been removed from this list or segment in the integrated service. The customers will not be removed from your Retently account. Instead, they will simply no longer match this particular list or segment.

  • Duplicate: the number of duplicate customers from the integrated service. When a list is synced, our integration will pull the list with contacts, and then will parse it to identify duplicate email addresses. Only one email address is imported, while its duplicates are dismissed.

  • Invalid email: the total number of contact records that do not have an email address associated (e.g., email: null). Sometimes, it will also count if the email address is written in an invalid format (for instance without the "@" symbol or without the domain name, such as ".com", etc).

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