In a group, you can view a list with trends which gives you the possibility to analyze the dynamics of a particular trend and also compare them among each other in a general way.

But for a more detailed comparison, you can merge and overlay all of the group's trends into a unified graph.

To merge all of a group's trends, click the "Merge graph" option from the top-right corner of your screen.

You will then access another page, with a larger trends widget (which is split into 20 milestones). In the trends widget, you will see a trend line for each trend that you have in the selected group.

You can hover your mouse over a milestone, and a tooltip will display what was the score that day, whether it increased or decreased from the previous milestone, and how many satisfied, neutral, or unsatisfied respondents you had on that particular day.

Beneath the trends widget, you will see a list with all the trends that were merged and their details, such as:

- The color of the trend line;

- The attribute selected;

- The survey campaign selected.

If you need to see the merged graph of a different group, you can simply select it from the group filter in your menu.

You can also click the "Unmerge graph" to go back to your group with a list view of the trends.

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