You can access a profile by clicking the customer's name anywhere within your Retently account. The Customer Profile page has four sections:


This section displays general information, such as:

  • Customer name
  • Email address
  • Company name
  • Status
  • Customer tags: View all tags by expanding them in a drop-down menu.
  • Last NPS score
  • Next survey: Check on the next survey status and the corresponding NPS campaign.

There are also two buttons available:

  • Edit: Edit the customer's full name, email address, company name and tags.
  • Delete: Delete the customer permanently.


The Responses section is highly similar to the Responses page, with few changes. Here you have all the customer's scored and text feedback, along with the name of the NPS campaign collecting it.

Other elements in the Responses section are:

  • Filters: Filter the data by score, campaign, period, channel and tags.
  • Search: Find responses by the campaign name.
  • Menu: Start a conversation with the customer, ignore a response, manage or delete response tags.


This section displays all survey records per customer. It makes it easy and efficient to see when the customer was surveyed, the corresponding NPS campaign, whether the survey was responded or ignored and the next survey’s scheduled date.

An Outbox record includes:

  • Status: Can be queued, sending, sent, opened, scored, responded, unsubscribed.
  • Campaign name
  • Survey type: Email or in-app
  • Sent date
  • Next survey schedule

Other elements in the section are:

  • Filters: Filter records by status, campaign, period and channel.
  • Search: Find records by the campaign name.

Delivery status

The Delivery section gives you a quantitative overview of the surveys sent to the customer. The block contains the following data:

  • Response rate
  • Sent surveys
  • Opened
  • Scored
  • Responded

New sections

This article will be updated with information about new sections as soon as they will be added. Meanwhile, please let us know what other customers’ data would you like to see in the Customer Profile. 

Thank you!

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