Retently NPS has two default notifications created automatically. We've figured out that on average an immediate notification and a weekly digest is quite enough to keep you updated with your NPS processes. 

Some customers create long lists with notifications for each event individually and for each notification channel.

We'll show you how to combine events and channels in a single notification. Feel free to follow this example!

Only two notifications: Immediately and Daily digest

We mostly keep only two notifications in our list. Sometimes, when we're in the middle of our NPS campaign and are receiving lots of feedback, we create a third one for the daily digest. But that's optional and depends on your needs.

Only two notifications will keep your list clean and easy to edit.

For both, immediate and daily notification we have combined all three main events:

  • New Promoter score (9-10)

  • New Passive score (7-8)

  • New Detractor score (0-6)

We did not choose a specific segment of customers because we prefer to be notified about each response we receive. 

For the notifications channels, we chose email, and included our main address and selected Slack as well to send notifications to our #support channel and my personal Slackbot.

I would be happy to know that these configurations work for you too. Thank you!

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