NOTE: Retently has a native integration with HubSpot that gives you the possibility to automatically sync contacts and export survey data or to trigger transactional email surveys based on HubSpot events. However, if you're already using Zapier to automate your tasks or if your HubSpot subscription doesn't support workflows, you can use Zapier to accomplish your automation goals.


Zapier gives you the possibility to connect your HubSpot account and automatically import new customers based on custom scenarios and send them transactional email surveys based in HubSpot events.

Import new customers

To get started you have to access your Zapier account, create a new Zap, and choose HubSpot as your trigger app.

Next, set your trigger event. Customers will be added to Retently and surveyed based on this trigger. 

To finish the first step you will be asked to connect your HubSpot account and test it by pulling a data sample.

Once you've done that, go to the next step and configure Retently as your "Action" app.

When a customer triggers an event, you can choose to perform one of the following actions:

After configuring the needed action and testing it, you can switch your Zap ON.

Export NPS data to HubSpot

Zapier also gives you the possibility to export Retently survey data to HubSpot. Create a new Zap and this time choose Retently as your trigger app.

From the list of available events, select the "New survey response" option.

This means that whenever you will receive a new response from a customer you can perform a specific action in HubSpot.

Read our tutorial on exporting and filtering survey data using Zapier.

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