The Reports page displays an all-time overview of all your survey campaigns at a glance.

Each listed campaign includes:

  • The number of satisfied, neutral, and unsatisfied customers in the campaign.

  • The overall rating (NPS, 5-STAR, CSAT, or CES) of the campaign.

  • A score trend widget.

  • The campaign's delivery stats.

You can also filter the campaigns on the page using one of the following options:

  • Metric: display only NPS, 5-STAR, CSAT, or CES campaigns.

  • Survey channel: display only email, link, in-app, or Intercom campaigns.

  • Campaign status: display only active or paused campaigns.

You can click a campaign listing to access its individual report page. On the report page, all the data will be filtered to display only the survey responses received in the selected campaign.

On the individual report page, you can apply additional filters to slice and dice the data. The available filter options are:

  • Saved filters menu: You can save applied filters for easier future access.

  • Date range: you can select a preset or a custom date range.

  • Attributes: you can filter the data for a specific set of customer properties.

The individual report page will adjust and display data according to the applied filters. The page includes the following sections:

  • Main score widget

  • Score trend

  • Delivery stats

  • Latest feedback

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