You and the other users in your Retently account can add notes to feedback, in order to provide some context for the people that will be processing the feedback.

You can add a note, edit an existing one or delete any note assigned to feedback.

Add a note

To add a new note, click the Add note button in the feedback block. An input field will appear beneath the feedback, where you can start typing your content. 

To save the note, you can simply hit the Enter key on your keyboard or click the accept icon.

The note will include your name, the note content and the time when it was added.

Feel free to add as many notes as needed. Each new one will be added on top of the others.

Edit a note

You can edit an existing note by accessing the action menu and choosing the "Edit" option. When you select this option, the input field will appear, displaying the original note content. You can update it and submit the changes.

After you edit a note, it will be moved to the top of the list. The time will display when it was edited.

You can delete your note, as well as the notes of the other users in your account. However, if you edit another user's note, after submitting the changes, the edited note will display your name, instead of the original user's name.

Delete a note

To delete an existing note, yours or another user's note, access the action menu and choose the "Delete" option. You will be prompted a confirmation popup. The delete action cannot be undone.

View more notes

By default, you will see up to three notes. If more are available, you can simply point your mouse over the notes field, and start scrolling through the rest of the notes.

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