Retently allows you to include the survey buttons links in your own template, with custom HTML and CSS, and delivery the survey via another email service, or you can collect feedback from you web apps's chat.

To do so, you will need to create a "Link" channel survey campaign. It may be NPS, 5-STAR, CSAT, or CES.

Make sure to customize the survey template, because when a customer will click a score in your own survey, they will be redirected to a webpage with additional questions that will pull the style and content from the survey template in your campaign.

Optionally, you can configure some other settings, such as notifications, autoresponders, webhook notifications. Learn more about the survey by link campaign setup here:

In your campaign's Setup section, you can copy the unique survey link for this particular campaign. The link will have the following structure:

The ID in the link is your campaign's unique identifier. After the campaign ID, we recommend you to include a variable with the email address of the customer that is about to answer the survey. The link will look similar to this:

If you don't include the email address, the survey will still work, but your customers will be asked to write their email address in order to finish the survey.

Finally, after the email address variable you can include the score property. You will have to generate a link for each score button in your survey.


The example above is for an NPS survey, which is based on a score scale from 0 to 10.

You can create campaigns for other metrics, but make sure to include the right value in the score property in your links.

  • 5-STAR: from 1 to 5

  • CSAT: from 1 to 5

  • CES: from 1 to 7

Basically, the link structure is:

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