The Thank You page is the next page your customers will see after they've taken the survey and submitted their score. Thank you pages can be viewed as the part where you are being polite and end the conversation with your respondents, or you can turn it into a helpful resource by adding links that will bring your respondents back to your website or to the promotion you are running.

Retently Sentiment gives you the possibility to set different Thank You messages based on the score given.

Follow this step-by-step tutorial to learn how to customize your Thank You page:

  1. Go to Settings and choose the Email survey category.

  2. Access the 3rd tab - Customize Thank You.

  3. Pick an option:

  • Different message based on score (set different messages for your your customers based on the score they gave you in the survey)

4. Write a Thank you message, no longer than 90 characters (or keep the default message we already included for you).

5. Optionally, you can include an additional link below your Thank you message and an anchor text for that link (perfect place for a Call To Action link).

6. Preview all the changes in the Thank you template on the right side of your screen.

7. Click Save changes.

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