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How to automatically import new customers using Zapier?
How to automatically import new customers using Zapier?
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You can use Zapier to automatically import your audience to Retently from other apps.

For instance, every time you have a new customer service in another service (e.g., your CRM), or when a customer triggers a specific event in another app, they will be imported to your Retently's audience and will be available to be surveyed.

Follow the tutorial below to learn how to configure a Zap to import new customers to Retently:

1. Log in to your Zapier account and create a new Zap.

2. Start with configuring a "Trigger" app. This should be a service where you store your customers’ contacts such as Google Sheets, Stripe, WooCommerce, etc.

3. Finish the "Trigger" app setup and make sure that a data sample is pulled successfully.

4. Next, select Retently as your "Action" app.

5. Then choose the "Create or update customer" action from the list. This action will create a new customer in Retently using the data provided by the "Trigger" app. If you already have a customer with the same email address in Retently, then they will be treated as a duplicate customer and will be updated to match the new customer record.

If you need to create a custom and send an email survey based on the "Trigger" app events, read our tutorial here.

6. To continue with the setup, you will be asked to select a connected Retently account. If you haven't connected your account yet, then you will be asked to log into Retently.

7. On the next step, you will have to customize the customer template. This means that you will have to map the data provided by the "Trigger" app with the corresponding Retently properties. You are literally telling Zapier what customer information should be imported to Retently, and what property should store that data.

To map data to a specific Retently property, simply click the input field. You will be shown a list of sample data that was pulled from the "Trigger" app. Click the value that fits the property that you need to map.

IMPORTANT: Retently has only one required filed - email address. If your customer doesn't have an email address assigned, then they will not be imported to your Retently account, as the email has the same role as a unique ID. All the other properties are optional.

Feel free to map other properties as well such as name, company, country, etc. You will be able to use them for a further audience and survey data segmentation in Retently.

By default, Zapier will display a list with basic customer properties that you can map. However, if you're missing a particular property (e.g., Subscription, MRR, Signup date), then you can create it as a custom property in Retently.

Once the custom property is created, back in Zapier, click the "Refresh fields" button and the new properties will be available for mapping.

Assigning and updating properties:

  • When a new customer is created in Retently, they will be imported with the set of properties that you have mapped in Zapier.

  • When a customer is identified as a duplicate, their record will be updated, which means that the values in their properties will be updated with the new data provided by the "Trigger" app.

8. Finally, Zapier will ask you to test the "Action" app and make sure that there is a connection between the services. When testing the "Action" app, Zapier will create a real customer in Retently, using the data from the "Trigger" app.

9. When everything looks ok, you can switch your Zap on. Your customers will be automatically imported or updated in Retently.

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