Due to a recent Feedback page update, we have started to display the Main rating and Main open-ended questions in feedback widgets. Up until recently, these questions were hidden and users could only see the provided feedback, without the questions that the customer answered.

We have automatically populated the Main rating and Main open-ended questions with the content available in the survey template.

However, if the survey template was deleted in the meantime, there was no technical way for us to retrieve the survey questions that the customer answered when they left the feedback.

As a solution, we have added default questions that have the sole role of helping you understand that these are the Main rating and Main open-ended questions. Also, in order to make them more identifiable, we have added an asterisk symbol and the beginning of these default questions.

The default questions are:

*How likely would you recommend {companyName} to your friends or colleagues?

*What is the main reason for your score?

IMPORTANT: When answering the survey, your customers saw the actual questions that you had in the survey template. We're simply displaying the default questions because we haven't stored the Main rating and Main open-ended questions from deleted survey templates.

If you have any further questions, please contact our team.

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