A link survey campaign will generate e unique link that you can send to customers.



When they click the link, they will see the "Identify customer" page, which will ask for their email address in order to continue to answer the survey.

Click here to learn more about configuring a link survey campaign.

If needed, you can also skip the "Identify customer" page from your survey. To do so, you will need to identify your customers in the actual survey link. If a customer has been identified, then once they click the link survey, they will see the survey right away, skipping the "Identify customer" page.

Using email address

You can simply append the email address of the customer that you want to survey in the link. When the customer will click the link, their record will be created in Retently, with the email address that you have passed in the link.



Using email variables

If you are sending the link from a marketing platform that supports customer variables, then you can append to the link their email address in a variable. This way your customers will skip the email input step from the survey:



NOTE 1: The variable displayed in the example above is only an example. Each service might have a different syntax for the variable, therefore make sure to consult their documentation

NOTE 2: When passing the email address, you can append it to the link in UTF-8 encoding. For example this address "info@example.com" can be passed as "info%40example.com".

Using Retently customer ID

You can also add a customer's Retently id and their feedback to the survey will be added automatically to their profile without requiring them to input their email address.



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