In Retently you can segment your audience using customer tags or customer properties.

When deciding on the option that you will be using, it's important to keep in mind what is the difference between tags and properties and choose the one that will fit your requirements best.

Customer properties

The main difference between properties and tags is that properties give you the possibility to better organize different types of data of a customer, and later on, you can achieve a more in-depth segmentation of your data.

You can create a property "Subscription", and assign it to multiple customers. The advantage of the property is that each customer can have a different value stored in the assigned "Subscription" property.

For example:

  • Customer 1: Subscription = Free Trial

  • Customer 2: Subscription = Premium

Customer tags

On the other hand, tags are the easiest and fastest way to segment your audience and they are ideal if you only need to achieve a simple segmentation.

For instance, if you are segmenting your customers only based on their subscription, then you can simply apply the subscription name as a customer tag.


  • Customer 1: "Free Trial"

  • Customer 2: "Premium"

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