When a customer receives a survey, the date of the survey will be assigned to the customer, under the "Last survey" property, which you can view on their profile page:

When sending automated surveys in regular (recurring) email or in-app campaigns, our system will always check the "Last survey" date and may perform one of the actions listed below.

  • If a customer does not have the last survey date assigned, then they will receive a survey based on the "Send first survey in" rule from the regular campaign's schedule. If a customer already has a date recorded in the "Last survey" property, then they are no longer eligible for the "Send first survey in" schedule rule.

  • If your regular campaign has the "Recurring surveys" option activated, then our system will always take into account the "Last survey" date. A recurring survey is sent in an X number of days since the customer's last survey date (no matter if the customer has received the last survey in this or another campaign).

Other campaigns:

  • The last survey date is not taken into account in other types of campaigns.

Resetting the last survey date

When needed, you can reset a customer's last survey date. When the date is reset, the customer will:

  • Match the "Send first survey in" rule in any of your regular campaigns, and might receive a survey.

  • After receiving the first survey, the recurring schedule will be updated to count an x number of days from the updated last survey date (if you have the "Recurring surveys" option activated).

A common application of the "Last survey" reset option:

Let's say that you have an active regular email campaign, with the recurring option deactivated. This is basically a campaign configured to send a one-off survey only to new customers added to your Retently account.

If a customer has previously been surveyed, they will not be able to receive a new survey in this particular campaign (because they already have the last survey date recorded).

Resetting the customer's last survey date will remove the recorded value, and the customer will receive a survey in this campaign, based on its "Send first survey in" schedule.

Resetting the "Last survey" date per customer

Click on a customer's name anywhere in the app in order to access their profile. Make sure to check the customer's "Last survey" date section.

In the profile, click the "Actions" menu and choose the "Reset last survey" option.

Now, the customer's "Last survey" date should be reset, and the section should display a " - " which means that no data is stored in this field yet.

Resetting the "Last survey" date to multiple customers at once

On the Audience page, select two or more customers. Next, click the "Actions menu" and choose the "Reset last survey" option.

A popup will inform you how many customers will have their last survey date reset.

Once the date was reset, you can check the profiles of the selected customers to make sure that the "Last survey" section is empty.

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