On the Outbox page, you can manually resend surveys to customers. This option is useful if, for instance, you want to manually resend a survey to customers that have not opened the last survey that they have received.

IMPORTANT: Before proceeding to resend surveys, please keep in mind a few things:

1. The Outbox page displays sent survey records (not unique customers). This means that if a customer has received two or more surveys over time, then the customer will have two or more survey records in the Outbox. If you select all these survey records and resend a manual survey, then the customer will receive a survey for each of their survey records that you have selected.

To avoid over-surveying a customer, feel free to apply the following filter:

Survey > Survey records display > Last sent survey

When applied, this filter will only display in the Outbox page the very last survey that a customer has received. Of course, you can combine this filter with others. For instance:

  • You can video only the last survey of customers in a particular campaign.

  • You can view only the last survey of customers, and which were not responded to.

2. Also keep in mind that you can only resent a survey via email, even if the customer has been initially surveyed in an in-app, link, or Intercom campaign.

How to resend a survey

To resend a survey you will have to select one or more outbox records, and then click the Actions menu, and choose the "Resend survey" option.

In order to resend the survey, you will be asked to select a survey template that will be sent to the customers matching the selected survey records.

The resent survey will also be recorded in the initial campaign that the customer has been surveyed in.

NOTE: If you have surveyed your customers in multiple campaigns with different metrics, then you will not be able to resend a survey in bulk until you apply a campaign filter.

This is a required extra step to ensure that you will not send an NPS (for instance) survey in a CSAT campaign, which would result in incompatible survey data.

This way, if you have filtered your Outbox with an NPS campaign, then in the resend popup you will be able to pick only an NPS email survey template.

If you still have any questions before resending surveys, feel free to reach out to our support team and we will be glad to assist you.

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