Navigate to the Feedback page and find an export button on your top right corner.

You have two options:

  • Export filtered - will export your feedback list with all the filters applied;

  • Export all - will export the entire feedback list, no matter how it was filtered.

The ‘Export filtered records’ option allows you to export only feedback that falls under the filter.

The following window allows you to export feedback to the .csv file and send it via email. Click on the export button and wait a few seconds for your file to be generated. The export can take longer in case you have many responses.

NOTE: Please pay attention that the .csv file will contain all the feedback. It means, for instance, if a customer provided you with several survey responses - all of their responses will be exported in the file.

The .csv file contains following fields:

  • First name;

  • Last name;

  • Email;

  • Company;

  • Job;

  • Title;

  • Country;

  • State;

  • City;

  • Campaign;

  • Response date;

  • Main rating;

  • Main open-ended;

  • Checkbox;

  • Feedback tags;

  • Notes;

  • Score calculation;

  • Assigned user;

  • Rating category;

  • Feedback resolution;

  • Survey channel;

  • Metric;

  • Antivirus suspicion;

  • *{customer tags};

  • *{custom properties}.

*{customer tags} and {custom properties} - any custom attributes that are assigned to a response will also be exported in the CSV file.

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