When needed, you can delete customers (on the Audience page), survey responses (of the Feedback page), or survey records (on the Outbox page).

IMPORTANT: When you delete a customer, this will not delete all their feedback or survey records. You will have to delete the customer's feedback and survey records individually.

You can delete these records one by one, or in bulk.

In order to select one or more records to delete, simply hover on the avatar image of the record that you need to delete.

A checkbox will be revealed.

Once ticked, the avatar images of all the other records on the page will reveal their checkboxes.

Select as many records as you need, and afterward, find the "Actions" menu in the top right corner of the page (this menu appears only after you select at least one record on the page).

Choose the "Delete" option from the menu, and your records will be removed from your account soon.

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