When needed you can manually follow up with survey respondents in order to close the feedback loop.

You can initiate an email follow-up by clicking the "Reply via email" shortcut button in a feedback widget:

Or by choosing the "Reply via email" option from the actions menu:

A popup will ask for some additional information such as:

  • The sender's name;

  • The sender's email address (you can also add multiple CC and BCC addresses);

  • The subject line;

  • The message body;

  • The option to include or exclude the survey response in the message.

Once you've added all the required information, you can send the email reply by clicking the "Send via Email" button.

IMPORTANT: You will NOT be able to send the reply if:

  • it doesn't include a "sender name";

  • it doesn't include a "sender email address" with a verified domain;

  • it doesn't include a subject line;

  • it doesn't include a message body.

NOTE: After you send an email reply, the following details will be cached and saved in the reply popup, and will be included automatically the next time you will start a new manual reply:

  • The sender's name;

  • The sender's email address (including CC and BCC addresses);

Every time you send a manual reply, a specific record will be created in your Outbox.

The record will have the "Reply" label, and will also include the following information:

  • Name, job title, and company name of your reply receiver.

  • Name of the survey campaign where the feedback was received.

  • The subject line of your email reply.

  • The "Reply" label, lets you know that this is a manual reply.

  • The status of the email reply. There are two possible statuses: sent, and seen.

  • Date when the reply was sent.

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