In this article, we will cover how contacts are added or deleted from a company.

Add contacts to a company

As in the case of managing companies, there are automated and manual ways of adding from companies.

Add contacts automatically

When a contact receives an email survey, our system identifies their domain and will try to find a company with the same domain in your account. If the domain is missing, then a new company will be created and the contact will be added to the company automatically.

However, if a company already exists on your Companies list, then the contact will be added to the company, and their further survey responses will be counted in the company's score.

Add contacts manually

In order to add a contact to a company manually, then you will have to find them on the Audience page, and access the actions menu. Choose the "Add to company" option.

In the popup, you will be asked to select the primary company where the contact will be added.

Once your contact is added to a company, their survey responses will start to be counted in the company's survey score or scores (if you're tracking multiple metrics with Retently).

Remove contacts from a company

There are also a couple of ways to remove contacts from companies: automatically and manually.

Remove contacts automatically

The option to remove contacts from companies automatically is actually quite straightforward. You simply need to exclude the company. Once a company is excluded, it's automatically removed from all contacts that were assigned to it.

You can exclude a company from the Companies page, by choosing the "Exclude company" option for the action menu, or you can exclude the company exactly the same way, but from the company's profile page.

Remove contacts manually

However, if you want to keep the company while still removing one or more contacts, then you can do this on the Audience page.

You can remove an individual contact from a company by choosing the "Remove company" option from the bulk actions menu.

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