You can assign tags to companies for segmentation and easier data analysis.

You can manage tags individually per company or in bulk. To add or remove a tag from a single company, you can access the actions menu of a particular company on the Companies page, and choose the "Manage tags" option.

You can also access the tags management popup from the company's profile page.

However, if you need to manage the tags of multiple companies, then start with selecting two or more companies on your list, access the bulk action menu from your menu bar, and choose the option that you need: "Add tags" or "Remove tags".

In the tags management popup you can do the following:

Create and assign a new tag

Start typing the name of the tag. If it's a new tag, then you will see the option to "Create new tag". Click the option, and the company tag will be created and added to the input field.

Assign an existing tag

To find an existing tag and assign it to the company, click on the input field and a list with existing tags will unfold. You can search for the needed tag, or start typing its name and select it from the filtered list.

Remove a tag from the company

If the company already has one or more tags assigned, then the tags management popup will list all of them. In order to remove a tag from the company, simply remove it from the input field and save the changes.

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