Survey templates are a handy feature if you’re surveying your customers on multiple products or services. All you have to do is create a survey template for each product and use them when needed. 

After you’ve signed up with Retently, you'll get two default survey templates automatically created in your account: one for email and one for the in-app survey. 

The default survey templates can not be deleted.

Each template has a few options:

  • Edit template

  • Clone template

  • Manage tags

  • Delete

You can also filter the templates by survey channel or tags.

Create a new email or in-app survey template

After you've hit the Setting > Templates button, 

you will be asked to fill in some general information regarding the template.

Name your survey so it's easy to identify it later, choose the channel you will be sending surveys through (email or in-app).

When you're done, click on the Create button and you will be automatically redirected to the new survey template editor.

Edit email survey template

In the first tab, you will be able to change your survey template name, edit the survey sender's name, email address for replies, and the survey subject line.

Feel free to send yourself a test survey and see how it will look in the email client.

Below you will find the actual survey editor:

You can customize pretty much everything in your survey template:

  • Change background colors

  • Upload and edit company logo

  • Edit all texts font family, styling, and colors

  • Change score buttons style (the text size of 14px is recommended to ensure that your survey looks ok in Outlook email clients)

  • Add additional text to the survey

After you've personalized the template you can either hit Save or continue to personalize the Open-ended question and Thank you page.

We've already provided you with default texts for your Open-ended question, but feel free to edit them, especially if you're considering to send the survey to non-English speaking customers.

You can write the same question for all your customers, or you can write different questions based on the scores your customers will be giving (Promoters, Passives or Detractors.)

The Thank you page follows the same editing logic. The difference here is that you can also add an additional Call to Action text or links.

Edit in-app survey template

If you have created an in-app survey template, you will notice that the template editor is highly similar to the email template. But there are a few differences.

First of all, you will not be able to add any image to your in-app survey in order to save space on your customer's screen when the survey will slide in. Other than that, feel free to change colors and personalize the content.

The Open-ended question and Thank you tabs editor looks exactly the same as in the email template. 

You have the option to delete the Open-ended question and leave only the Main rating page. To do so you need only to click on the red cross X shape delete button line in the image below.

Now, after you finalized all the setup process with the survey template, you can integrate a new survey with the campaign. To get started, go to the Campaigns tab, click on the Create new campaign button, then click on the Start button to choose the campaign type and Select the template you already created before.

You can also find more about campaigns in our help article

Thank you for your time!

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