The survey template editor has been updated with eight new options, and in this article, we will go through the specifics of each one of them and how you can activate them in your survey templates.

If you need your survey respondents' consent in order to use their text feedback or to reach back to collect more details, then this option's got you covered.

When answering the Main open-ended question, the respondents can also tick the consent box.

On the Feedback page, you will be able to view, in a quick glance, if a customer has given you the consent.

You can also personalize the text in the consent checkbox section based on your survey respondents' initial survey score (Promoter, Passive, Detractor).

Or you can simply remove the consent checkbox so that it's not displayed for a specific category of respondents.

Redirect respondents to a web page

By default, your survey respondents will see a Thank You page after answering the survey. However, you can choose to redirect then to another web page instead of displaying the Thank You message.

You just need to select the "Redirect to" option in the Thank You page editor and fill in the URL of the web page where the customer will be redirected.

You can configure this option based on the initial survey score. For example, you can redirect Promoters to a review platform where you have your company listed so that they can leave their feedback there as well. You can also choose to continue showing the Thank You page to Passives and Detractors.

Open email surveys in browser

Some older versions of email clients might not display the survey properly, so have added an option that allows respondents to view the email survey in the browser.

For instance, if the survey's Main rating question is not displayed properly in the customer's inbox, they can click the "Open in browser" option (you can rename it if needed), and answer the survey there. This way, you can be sure that the respondent will view the survey as you designed it.

Remove the Unsubscribe option

If you're already handling the survey opt-out outside of Retently and don't need to duplicate this option in your survey templates, then you can simply remove it.

To do so, access your email or in-app survey template editor within your campaign, go to the Main rating page, and click the remove icon. Your customers will no longer see this option in the survey.

Improved text alignment

The default text alignment in the survey templates was centered. Now we have added the option to change the alignment of any text (except the "Not likely / Very likely" labels) to left or right.

Remove the Main open-ended question

If you want to keep your survey template very simple, then you can delete the Main open-ended question from the survey template.

This way, you can achieve a one-question rating survey, and once a customer answers the rating question, they will be redirected immediately to the Thank you page.

Remove the option to change the initial score

By default, customers have the possibility to change their initial survey score right before submitting the feedback, in case they change their mind.

You can now remove this option from the Main open-ended question in your survey template editor within your campaign.

Can't see the new options in your survey template?

If you've been using Retently for a while, and use a survey template that was created before we have launched these new options, then you will not be able to find the following options:

  • Consent checkbox

  • Open in browser

We haven't added these options to existing survey templates to ensure that we don't interfere with the layout of your ongoing surveys.

But you can still add them to the template. There are two ways to accomplish this:

  1. You can create a new survey template in your campaign. The template will include all the new options by default.

  2. You can reset your survey template to the default settings, which will add these new options. However, keep in mind that this will also reset any texts or styling that you may have applied to the template.

If you need help with re-adding these options to the template, feel free to reach us out and we will gladly assist you.

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