A regular email campaign runs on a predefined schedule. There are two schedule rules that specify when the first survey will be sent out to a customer, and the regularity of recurring surveys.

In this tutorial we will cover the details of each schedule rule configuration:

Send the first survey

Once you switch ON your regular email campaign, the first survey will be sent out to customers that have been imported to Retently a specific number of days ago or more.

For example, if you have configured to send the first survey in 3 days, then a customer will receive the survey only after 3 days have passed since the date they have been imported.

IMPORTANT: If a customer has been imported more than 3 days ago (e.g., 20 days ago), then they will receive the first survey immediately as soon as you switch ON the campaign.

The first survey will be sent only to customers that have never been surveyed before in any campaign. If they have already been surveyed, then you can only send them recurring surveys in this campaign.

NOTE: You can reset the last survey date of your customers. This way, they will match the "Send first survey" rule again. Read more about resetting the last survey date.

If the recurring surveys option is ON

The customer will continue receiving regular surveys every specific number of days from the date of the last received survey, which might be the first survey, a previous recurring survey in this or any other campaign, or a reminder survey in this campaign.

If the recurring surveys option is OFF

The customer will not receive any surveys in this campaign (except the first survey, which will be sent only to customers that qualify, as described in the first chapter).

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