Before starting to send email surveys to your customers, you might want to test them for yourself, to see what they look like in the inbox, and what would experience your customers when answering a survey.

In this article we will cover two ways of how you can test an email survey template, to make sure that everything looks good before sending it to real customers.

In case of a survey by email you have the following test options:

  • Send a test survey from the survey template editor.

  • Send a test survey via the Audience page.

Send a test survey from the survey editor

When creating a survey by email campaign, start with choosing the survey template that your customers, who match this campaign, will receive in their Inbox. You can select an existing email template, or create and customize a new one. This is done on the Template section in the survey campaign menu:

When you are finished with the customization of your survey template you have to save it and you can send it as a test with the help of the "Send a test email" button.

IMPORTANT: If you're using survey variables in your survey template, then they may not be displayed as expected in the test survey. A variable, for instance, {{ first_name or "there" }}, will be replaced with the corresponding customer data from their Retently record. Therefore, if you're sending a test survey to an email address that you haven't imported in Retently yet, then it will lack any first name data, which means that the variable's fallback value will be displayed instead. Click here to learn more about the use of variables.

Send a test survey via the Audience page

The other way to send a test survey is with the help of the "Send Survey" button from the Audience page. You will have to add one or several test customers. Find out how to import customers manually by clicking here.

The next steps are:

  • Select the test customer(s) you want to send the test survey to

  • Click on the "Send Survey" button

  • In the pop-up window, select an email campaign in which the customers will be surveyed (the campaign where the test survey template is assigned to)

  • Click on the "Send survey" button.

Sending a test survey via the Audience page is the recommended method if you have variables in your email Subject line or the text of your template question pages.

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