The Automated topic & sentiment classification feature is available per survey campaign.

To activate this option, from the Campaigns page, access a campaign's edit mode and go to the "Analytics" tab.

By default, this option will be switched OFF. Activate the automated topic and sentiment analysis by switching the toggle ON, and choose a classifier that is relevant to your industry.

NOTE: Currently we support the following classifiers:

  • B2B Software & SaaS (English)

  • B2B Education & Training (English)

  • B2C Ecommerce (English)

  • B2C Financial Services (English)

  • Other (English) - which is a general classifier.

At the moment, all classifiers support only English text feedback.

Once the Analytics feature is activated and the campaign is saved, any new text feedback received in this campaign will be analyzed automatically by our AI-powered algorithm, which will identify one or more topics and will apply them to the survey response, as well as identify the overall sentiment of the feedback.

A processed survey response with text feedback will include both topics and sentiment, as in this example:

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