Autoreplies give you the possibility to send an automated email follow-up message to survey respondents if their feedback matches a specific set of rules.

Autoreplies can be managed in survey campaigns. Each survey campaign has its own set of autoreplies.

NOTE: Autoreplies are NOT supported in anonymous link campaigns. Since this campaign is fully anonymous, we don't ask or store survey respondents' email addresses, therefore, it's technically impossible to send follow-up email messages to anonymous survey respondents.

To manage a campaign's autoresponders you will have to enter the campaign's edit mode and go to the "Autoreplies" section.

When you create a new survey campaign, a set of three autoreplies are created automatically. You can edit them, or simply click the "Create new autoresponder" button and add a new one.

When configuring an autoresponder, you will have to set an event that will trigger it. For instance, you can send an autoresponder every time a survey respondent leaves a bad score, without any text feedback. This gives you an opportunity to reach back and ask for more details.

After you have configured the trigger, you will be asked to provide:

  • The sender's name, it will be displayed in your survey respondents' inbox.

  • The sender's email address. You will be able to include only email addresses with a verified domain in Retently. Learn how to submit a domain for verification.

  • The subject line of your email follow-up.

  • Message body.

NOTE: The subject line and the message body support variables which allow you to fully personalize the autoresponder. Learn about variables.

When you're done, save the autoresponder, and switch the toggle in the ON position to activate it.

Include hyperlinks in autoresponders

In order to add a link to a specific portion of your text in an autoresponder body, you will have to include it via an HTML tag.

Follow this example:

<a href="">Your text</a>

IMPORTANT: You will NOT be able to switch ON an autoresponder if:

  • it doesn't include a "sender name";

  • it doesn't include a "sender email address" with a verified domain.

Every time an autoresponder will be sent, a specific record will be created in your Outbox.

The record will have the "Autoreply" label, and will also include the following information:

  • Name, job title, and company name of your autoresponder's receiver.

  • Name of the survey campaign where your autoresponder is hosted.

  • The subject line of your autoresponder.

  • The "Autoreply" label, lets you know that this is an autoresponder (an automated reply).

  • The status of the autoresponder. There are two possible statuses: sent, and seen.

  • Date when the autoresponder was sent.

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