All survey campaigns (except the anonymous link campaign) give you the possibility to configure email survey reminders.

Reminders are an effective way to reach out again to contacts that have received your survey and did not answer.

Each campaign has a "Reminder" section. To access it, you will need to go on the Campaign's page, click on a campaign widget so that you can access the campaign's edit mode, and go to the "Reminder" section from the navigation bar.

By default, the Reminder option is switched OFF. You can activate it by turning the toggle ON.

Next, you will need to decide who should receive a survey reminder by selecting at least one of the options:

  • Contacts that have received the survey but did not open it (this option is available only for email campaigns, because with in-app or link surveys our system has no way to know when the survey was sent, only when it's been opened or responded).

  • Contacts that have opened/seen the survey but did not respond (if the survey respondent answers at least with a rating and does not respond to other survey questions, this will still be considered as a response and they will not receive a reminder).

Afterward, you will have to specify how many days the campaign should wait before sending the reminder survey.

Finally, you can choose a different survey template for your reminders, which is a great opportunity to test out different templates and see which one performs better.


  • The number of days will be counted since the date the contact has received the main survey in the campaign that was sent based on the campaign's schedule/trigger.

  • Only 1 reminder is sent per main survey.

  • Reminder surveys are counted from your total amount of survey credits available in your subscription because reminders are treated the same as a normal survey.

  • Reminders will take into account your campaign's daily limit (if the campaign has this option in the Schedule/Trigger section). This means that if you have configured a very low daily limit, then reminder surveys may not be sent this day.

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