In this article, we will cover how you can create and update values in boolean properties that are assigned to your contacts in Retently.

Manage boolean properties manually

You can create one or more boolean properties manually on the "Attributes" page (learn how).

Afterward, you can assign the new boolean property manually from the Contacts page:

If you need to change the value stored in the boolean property, access the "Manage properties" menu option:

Manage boolean properties automatically

You can also import new contacts and update old ones along with boolean properties via:

The boolean property can hold only one out of two options:

  • True

  • False

When importing contacts with boolean properties, make sure that your boolean values come in the following formats:

  • True / False (not case-sensitive; string format is supported)

  • 1 / 0 ("1" being true, and "0" being false; both string and number formats are supported)

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