About the Dashboard

The Dashboard page will display your processed survey data. It includes the CX score widgets, a section with brief survey campaign reports, and the latest feedback you have collected. You can achieve a granular view of your survey results by combining multiple filters.

Dashboard filters

By default, the Dashboard displays a general overview of your survey results. This means that it will take into account all your survey respondents' last answer, and there is no date range filter applied, which means that all-time data is being processed.

But if you need to achieve a granular overview of your survey results, and view the survey results of a particular subset of your audience, then you can use the Dashboard filters.

The available filters are:

  • Date range: choose a preset date range (e.g., Last 90 days, Past quarter, etc), or apply a custom range.

  • Campaign: view the data for a specific survey campaign.

  • Attributes: filter the dashboard data for a particular segment of your audience using customer properties and tags.

Manage saved filters

Over time you will find yourself using some filters more often than others. However, applying the same filter again and again manually might inconvenient. Therefore, you can easily save a filter for easier further access.

CX rating widgets

The main section in the Dashboard is the CX score widgets, where you will track your customer's experience for one or more survey metrics that you're measuring.

The Dashboard can display up to four CX score widgets, one for each metric available for your to measure with Retently: NPS, 5-Star, CSAT, CES.

Each score widget includes:

  • The current category of your survey respondents (positive, neutral, negative);

  • The metric score.

Survey campaign reports

This section displays a list with general reports for each of the survey campaigns that you currently have in your account.

A report widget includes the following data:

  • The name of the survey campaign;

  • The number of satisfied, neutral, and unsatisfied survey respondents in this campaign;

  • The CX score of the campaign (based on the campaign's metric);

  • A small score trends widget to show you the dynamics of the campaign's score;

  • The survey delivery stats in the campaign.

When you apply a Dashboard filter, the information in each campaign report will update to match the filter query.

Latest feedback

This section will list the five latest survey responses you have received. Optionally, you can load more responses to view more data.

The latest feedback section will be updated based on the applied Dashboard filters and will display the latest responses left in a specific date range, campaign, or by a particular customer segment.

The latest feedback section is just a quick overview. In order to view all the received survey responses, go to the Feedback page, where you will also be able to apply additional feedback attributes filters.

Dashboard PDF export

You can export the whole Dashboard in a PDF file, which you can share with your team, or include in presentations to showcase your customers' experience with your company or products.

The PDF file will include all the visible information on the Dashboard from the moment that you have exported it. For instance, if you apply a particular filter, then only the filtered information will be exported in the PDF file.

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