When setting up an NPS campaign, you can select the customer segment to be surveyed based on a predefined schedule (regular campaign) or after a transaction (transactional NPS).

You can learn more about creating campaigns here: http://help.retently.com/campaigns.

To segment your campaign’s audience, you will have to create filters, which you can access in the Audience tab from the campaign editor.

Each campaign comes with a preset filter that targets all the customers in your Retently account, but you can apply up to five additional filters to narrow down your audience.

To create a new filter, click on the + Add button.

A filter includes up to three elements:

  1. Property;

  2. Operator;

  3. Value (some properties do not require values, so you will only have to choose an operator. For instance: Email -> Exists).

We also have the option of negative operator matching. For example, if you want to send a survey to all your customers, except contacts who belong to one specific company, you select the Company Name -> does notcontain -> the name of the company.

The property field will display a pick-list with: 

  1. Default properties, such as name, email, company, etc.;

  2. Custom properties;

  3. Integration segments (currently only Intercom segments are supported).

Click here to learn more about customer properties.

You can create up to five filters. Also make sure to check, and adjust if needed, the “Customers match all/any filters” option above your first filter.

If you select the “all” option, only customers that match all created filters will be added to the campaign and further surveyed. If you select “any”, then only customers that match at least one filter from the list will receive surveys in this campaign.

When you finish setting up a filter, the preview box, right below the last filter, will update automatically to show you how many customers match this filter.

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