Two companies can be merged into a single company, which will unify their audience and survey scores.

You can choose the "Merge company" option for the actions menu of a company on the Companies page, or from the actions menu in a company's profile.

In the merge popup, you will see the selected company listed.

Below, you will be asked to choose another company that you want to merge with the selected one.

Next. you will be asked to choose a primary company, which means that this is the company that the other one will be merged into.

After the merge, the following things will happen:

  • The selected company's main and alias domains will be added as aliases to the primary company. Learn about primary and alias domains.

  • The selected company's contacts will be added to the primary company's contacts list.

  • The primary company's survey scores will be recalculated taking into account the feedback provided by the contacts that have been merged from the other company.

  • After the merge is complete, on the Companies page you will see only the primary company.

  • You will no longer be able to add contacts to the merged company but only to the primary company.

To explain with an example how the merge companies option would be used, let's assume that you have these two separate companies on the Companies page, with the following domains:



Even though the domains are slightly different, it's still the same company. If you want to unify their audience and make sure to have a single survey score (e.g., NPS) instead of two companies with two different scores, then you can merge them.

When merging, you can choose "" as the primary domain. This means that the contacts from "" will be added to the list of contacts that are assigned to "". Finally, "" will be added as an alias domain for "", which you will be able to see on the profile page of "".

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