Each company has a personal profile page that you can access by clicking the name of a company from the Companies page.

The company profile includes the following elements:

Company details

In this section, you will find the company's name and primary domain, which is displayed beneath the name.

A company can have multiple domains associated, which are known as aliases.

In order to view a company's aliases, click the "Show aliases" expandable menu. Learn about primary and alias domains.

The profile also displays the country and city of a company, as well as its industry.

A company's information such as name, industry, or country, will be enriched automatically when the company is generated based on your contacts' domains, or you can specify these details when adding a company manually. Learn about adding companies.

Survey scores

The section with survey scores will display up to three score widgets: NPS, CSAT, and CES.

Tags management

In the company tags section, you can create new tags, choose an existing tag and assign it to a company, or remove any tags that are already assigned. Learn about company tags management.


The company profile allows you to perform a set of actions, which is similar to the options in the Actions menu on the Companies page.

The menu includes the following options:

  • Edit company: This option allows you to edit a company's name, location, industry, or domains. Learn about editing a company.

  • Merge company: If, for example, two company records are actually branches of the same company, then you can merge them together. Learn about merging companies.

  • Manage tags: This action allows you to create new tags, select existing tags, or remove assigned tags from a company. Learn about managing company tags.

  • Exclude company: This action will remove/exclude the company from the list, and will unassign it from all the contacts that the company included. Learn about excluding companies.

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